The Role of Groundwater Sampling and Well Surveying | Corona, CA

Environmental surveys play a crucial role in safeguarding our natural resources, particularly when it comes to monitoring groundwater quality and flow. Groundwater sampling and well surveying are integral components of these surveys, serving distinct yet complementary purposes in environmental assessment and management.

The primary objective of groundwater sampling is to gather current data on the quality of groundwater within a specific site. This process involves collecting water samples from monitoring wells, piezometers, and other relevant locations. The collected data provides insights into the presence of contaminants and helps in evaluating the overall health of the groundwater system.

On the other hand, well surveying focuses on obtaining updated data on the direction and gradient of groundwater flow. Professional Land Surveyors, licensed in the respective state, are tasked with surveying each groundwater monitoring well, piezometer, and soil boring location within the project site. This meticulous approach ensures accurate measurements and reliable data collection.

One of the key platforms used for managing and disseminating environmental data in California is GeoTracker, the California Water Board’s GIS data system. GeoTracker serves as a comprehensive repository for records related to sites with potential impacts on water quality, with a particular emphasis on groundwater. It contains data for a wide range of projects, including cleanup sites such as Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites and Department of Defense Sites, as well as permitted facilities like Irrigated Lands and Oil and Gas production sites.

Data collected from groundwater sampling and well surveying activities are uploaded to GeoTracker in accordance with the State Water Quality Control Board’s guidelines. This typically includes x, y, and z values in GeoTracker-approved data set files. Vertical elevations are surveyed at multiple points, including the top of monitoring well vaults and the ground surface, with precision up to the nearest hundredth of a foot referenced to NAVD 88 datum. Horizontal locations are surveyed to the nearest tenth of a foot referenced to NAD 83 datum.

In addition to collecting the raw data, our team of professionals compile comprehensive site plans are generated as part of the final report, depicting key features such as monitoring wells and soil borings. These plans provide valuable visual representations of the surveyed area and aid in the interpretation of collected data.

Goundwater sampling and well surveying are essential components of environmental surveys, providing critical insights into groundwater quality and flow dynamics. By adhering to rigorous surveying standards and leveraging advanced data management systems like GeoTracker, our team does its part to understand, monitor and manage water resources for future generations.

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ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys: Ensuring a Smooth Real Estate Transaction | Corona, CA

In the realm of real estate transactions, ensuring clear property titles and boundaries is paramount. This is where ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys come into play, serving as a vital tool for both buyers and lenders in evaluating the property’s worth and potential risks. ALTA, short for American Land Title Association, and NSPS, National Society of Professional Surveyors, have collaborated to create a standardized survey that provides a comprehensive overview of a property’s characteristics.

One of the key features of ALTA/NSPS surveys is their meticulousness. Unlike basic boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS surveys delve deep into property details, covering everything from boundary lines and easements to encroachments and land improvements. This level of precision ensures that potential issues are identified and resolved before a transaction is finalized, saving all parties involved from future legal disputes and financial losses.

For buyers, an ALTA/NSPS survey offers peace of mind. By understanding the property’s boundaries and any encumbrances, buyers can make informed decisions about their investment. Lenders also benefit from these surveys as they provide a clear picture of the property’s value, helping them assess the associated risks and make lending decisions accordingly.

Another crucial aspect of ALTA/NSPS surveys is their adherence to established standards. These surveys follow a set of guidelines that are recognized nationwide, ensuring consistency and reliability. This standardization is particularly important in the context of multi-state transactions, where different regulations and survey standards may apply. The uniformity of ALTA/NSPS surveys streamlines the due diligence process, making it easier for parties involved to understand the property’s intricacies regardless of its location.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are indispensable tools in the real estate industry, facilitating smooth transactions and minimizing risks. By providing a comprehensive and standardized overview of a property, these surveys empower buyers, lenders, and other stakeholders to make well-informed decisions. As the foundation of a successful real estate transaction, ALTA/NSPS surveys safeguard investments and foster confidence among all parties, ensuring the integrity of property transactions across the United States.

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The Role of Boundary Surveys | Corona, CA

Boundary surveys are taken to locate and mark the boundaries of a given property. It allows the property owner an opportunity to identify encroachments, ensure things like fences or walls are properly located and have a record of their property for future reference.

When you work with the experienced professionals at Calvada to perform your boundary survey, we begin by acquiring all the preliminary information available so we may research, review, and perform pre-calculations. A field crew will then search for existing monuments in the surrounding area and conduct survey measurements.

Once this data has been gathered, we analyze the field data and records to determine the perimeters of the boundary. Upon determination, our field crew heads out to set the property corners and prepare a Record of Survey for the client. This process provides the client with a detailed understanding of the in-ground monuments at the property corners, and the county surveyor with an official copy of the Record of Survey.

We provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading professionals conducting the highest-quality boundary surveys possible.

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LiDAR Mapping and High-Definition Surveys | Corona, CA

High-definition LiDAR mapping is utilized by a variety of disciplines offering improved worker safety, higher accuracy of survey data, and rapid project turnaround. LiDAR mapping and high-definition surveys are terrestrial non-intrusive means of collecting accurate and detailed as-built data, benefitting individuals in the planning, engineering, and construction fields.

LiDAR utilizes the latest cutting-edge scanning technology to sweep across a target object as hundreds of thousands of measurements are taken, displaying an intense representation of the target result. Once captured, these results can be evaluated much like a physical 3D model. This method is revolutionizing the industry, and is doing so more quickly, and at a lower cost than traditional surveying techniques. It also enhances surveyor safety for those working on projects in which data is needed along heavily trafficked highways.

Our team of experienced professionals utilizes the most advanced scanning technology, providing our clients with the data they need in a way that also saves them valuable time and money as they move through their process.

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What Is Mapping and Why Is It Important? | Corona, CA

Mapping is an essential component for anyone seeking to develop a given site, as local agencies need that information prior to approving a project. Whether you are a private property owner seeking to build, selling a portion of your land, or are a developer creating a large subdivision, mapping services will be necessary to continue the process.

The experienced professionals at Calvada offer a variety of mapping services for any need, for projects of any size and scope. We provide you with the information you need before, during and after development: existing lot lines, merging/splitting parcels of land, creating a number of lots, and many other survey-related adjustments you may require.

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