Telecommunication Surveys

Telecommunication surveys are conducted to identify the existing conditions of a site and to locate telecommunication structures and equipment. This information is used to create the site plan and certifications required in the telecommunication industry. In turn, this data is used by architects, engineers, and telecommunication providers to help design and plan how to best orient, build or modify telecommunication structures and utilities.

Our surveyors visit the site and begin by establishing horizontal and vertical control that will be used as the basis of all future work. They locate all surface improvements including buildings, curbs, sidewalks, gutters, driveways, handicap ramps, walls, fences, trees, slopes, above ground utilities, and any other improvements that exist in the area of interest.

The field data is post-processed by our office staff to provide a high-quality drawing in AutoCAD Civil 3D showing all of the information collected by the field crew. Exhibits are prepared in PDF format that provides a clean and precise visual of the site’s existing conditions.

Calvada Surveying has earned a great reputation for providing thorough telecommunication surveys of the highest quality in the industry. We are trusted by many providers as their source to meet all their telecommunication surveying needs.