Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are performed to locate and mark the property corners of a client’s property. This information can be used by the property owner to identify any encroachments on the property or to ensure that walls and fences are built in the correct location.

We begin the process by acquiring all necessary documents for research, review, and pre-calculations. A field crew then mobilizes to search for existing monumentation in the surrounding area and provide survey measurements to complement our boundary determination. Our office staff analyzes the field data and record information to determine the boundary location. The field crew remobilizes to set the property corners and a Record of Survey is prepared to provide proof of our work. At the time of project completion, our clients are provided survey monuments in the ground at each property corner as well as a Record of Survey that has been filed at the office of the County Surveyor.

Calvada Surveying prides itself on providing high quality boundary mapping services. Our clients can proceed with confidence knowing that their property corners are located accurately. Should any boundary questions arise in the future, they can produce the provided map as proof that a survey was performed to identify the limits of their property.