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Professional Land Surveyors in Los Angeles

Have you been looking for land surveying services in Los Angeles, California? Then, Calvada Surveying, Inc. is the perfect choice for you! Calvada Surveying, Inc. is the leading land surveyor service provider in Los Angeles, California. We offer quality work, and complete it within the defined timelines. Our land surveying services are available at competitive prices that will make you save your money. Calvada Surveying Inc. has gained an impressive reputation, and we have also got many land surveying referrals from public and private clients. Most of our clients are Developers, Property Owners, Land Brokers, Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, Attorneys, Governmental Agencies, Municipalities, and many more. Our team of land surveying experts includes Professional Land Surveyors (PLS), Project Managers, and Survey Technicians.

We are among the top land surveyors in California, and our services are available for many industries like, real estate, development, engineering, environmental, and telecommunication. Our land surveying services includes:

  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys (ALTA Surveys)
    The ALTA and ACSM surveys are specially meant for commercial purposes. For conducting these surveys, a uniform set of standard code is used. These are also known as the Due Diligence Surveys. Read More
  • High-Definition Surveying - HDS (3D Laser Scanning)
    High-Definition Surveying is hastily becoming an industry standard for small-scale as well as large-scale projects. It can become a norm in the future and it can be done for you by Calvada Surveying, Inc. This is also known as 3D Laser Imaging, 3D Laser Scanning, or 3D Laser Surveying. Read More
  • Geodetic Survey
    Calvada Surveying, Inc. uses Geodetic Survey which defines and manages a national coordinate system, and also provides the foundation for transportation and communication; mapping & charting as well; and a massive amount of engineering and scientific applications at the same time.
  • GPS Land Survey
    We at Calvada Surveying, Inc. use GPS as an instrument for perfect positioning of points. GPS operates through satellites which transmit signals to the receiver. The receiver then transmits those signals to the data collector which stores the data.
  • Topographic Surveys
    Topographic surveys are useful in collecting data about the natural and man-made features of the earth. With the intense experience, Calvada Surveying, Inc. can perform the most complex topographic surveys with quality and accurate results. These results are extremely useful in identifying the conformation of the natural and cultural features of the land. Read More

Telecommunication Specific

Calvada Surveying Inc. a complete set of services for telecommunications industry including 1A/2C FAA Certification, Construction Staking, Cell Site Certification, As Built Surveys, and many more. Telecom surveys are useful for recording and reporting the boundary, easement, zoning, and access information of the cell site location. Read More

Environmental Specific

Calvada Surveying Inc. offers environmental surveying services throughout California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and the Western United States. We specialize in all types of land surveying services, and we also strive hard to provide quality customer service and that's what makes us different from other land surveyors. Read More

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