What Are ALTA/ NSPS Land Title Surveys? | Corona, CA

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The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) require surveys to be conducted so they may assist title companies, lenders, and borrowers identify the potential risks of investing in a given property. As such, the requirements for these surveys include defining the boundaries of the property, easements, existing improvements, flood zones, general zoning, parking, encumbrances, and potential encroachments. These are all risks that any property can be subjected to, and the ALTA and NSPS are unable to provide their clients with the advice they seek without a thorough understanding of these details. That is where the experienced professionals at CalVada can help.

The results of the survey must be acceptable to a title insurance company if they are to properly insure a given property. This means that the property must be free and clear of matters (except that disclosed by the survey and indicated on the accompanying plat or map), and that specific and pertinent information be clearly communicated between all interested parties.

Our experienced professionals understand the requirements that need to be met for the proper evaluation of a property, ensuring your survey is accepted the first time.

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