Calvada Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Professional Land Surveyors

Calvada Surveying, Inc. is a complete land surveying consulting firm that stands on the basic foundations of quality, experience and trust. We began our journey in early 1989 and since then we are serving both the private and public sectors with great practicality. At Calvada Surveying, Inc., we take pleasure in consulting with our clients' needs and evaluate their exact land survey desires and assuring them the most feasible and lucrative land surveying. Other than Las Vegas, we offer our proficient land surveying services in Washington, Oregon, San Diego, and more.

We deliver our full capacity and proficient endeavors to ensure better services to the people. We believe in quality work and accurate land surveying services therefore we provide it with much sincerity and dedication. Our professional surveyors, Project Managers and Survey Technicians have high skills and knowledge to deliver the best, just in time and at the most competitive rates. Keeping clients at the centre of our objective, we make full use of our expert technical resources and surveying services, including high definition surveying, Geodetic survey, GPS Surveys ALTA/ACSM, ALTA topographic surveys, etc., to extend support for the people.

Calvada Surveying Inc. has a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic land surveyors, project managers, survey technicians, crew chiefs, and modern survey equipment operators. We are devoted to provide our clients with professional, authentic, and accurate services. We always provide our services on time with precise results.

The objectives of our land surveyor Las Vegas are:

  1. To boost the profession and awareness of land surveying
  2. To promote the welfare of its members
  3. To maintain the professional ethics up to the highest standards

Our Las Vegas, California Surveying Services Include:

  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys (ALTA Surveys) Read More
  • High-Definition Surveying - HDS (3D Laser Scanning) Read More
  • Topographic Surveys Read More
  • Telecommunication Specific Read More
  • Environmental Specific Read More
  • Geodetic Survey
  • GPS Land Survey

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